The Vision

To raise men and women who will not take no for an answer from the devil, men who be highly sagacious and brutal in the Holy Ghost.   

To see apostolic Christianity restored to the present day Church by greatly helping those who believe in Jesus Christ (as LORD and personal savior) deepen their relationship with God!

To raise giants that will reflect the light of God  

The Purpose of this vision is to make ready a people prepared for the LORD!

The Mission statement

To birth an End Time army within our apostolic territories that will join the global spiritual force of Jesus Christ in destroying the last enemy and converting the Kingdoms of this world into that of God and of His Christ!

Strategy for Fulfillment

  1. By opening Heavenly portals within Cities of our apostolic territories through righteous prayers, a lifestyle of worship, the fear of God, and the pursuit of righteousness, true holiness, and the fullness of God.
  1. By strict devotion to sound doctrine and the 12 apostolic standards, respecting the principles of unconditional Kingdom service, submission to set authority and healthy relationship with one another.
  1. By maximizing resources the LORD has placed on our disposal – human, material and spiritual for the execution of our apostolic task and achievement of stated objectives.
  1. By impacting upon the spiritual, moral and social environment of our apostolic territories, exercising kingdom authority; losing the bounds of wickedness, undoing heavy burdens, letting the oppressed go free, breaking every yoke in a systematic delivery of sound doctrine.
  1. By executing the great commission globally as stated in Matthew 28:18-20 without Omission, through the media and other avenues the Lord will create.
  2. To depend totally on the leading of the Holy Ghost.
  3. To ensure that the word of God takes the center stage in all the branches of the church.

Our Responsibility

  1. To unite, pray, give and express responsibility for the fulfillment and successful accomplishment of the COTSM Vision, mission and objectives.
  2. To render honor, respect and support those who have rule over us (government and spiritual).
  3. To be productive, progressive and relevant in our attitude and thoughts, towards others; always striving for excellence, maintaining focus and refusing to settle for less than the best.
  4. To make the Christ of the Bible, the Christ of reality and experience, by building a solid devotional and faith lifestyle, whereby we partake of the blessings and benefits of salvation.
  5. To establish Bible based ethical and moral standards, where true integrity, apostolic discipline and accountability become everyone’s drive leaving no one in doubt that it is achievable to triumph by righteousness.